About Us

Here at Acorn, we understand you require a great around the clock service – so that is what we deliver. We are a brokerage firm dealing with exportation of commodities whilst serving a variety of clients around the world. Our principal products and services include brokerage, commodities, and consultancy.

We deal directly with mills and manufacturers and export only quality goods from reliable suppliers around the world.  The products we deal in include, but are not limited to, Brazilian ICUMSA 45/100 Sugar, Indian Parboiled Rice, Indian Basmati Rice and Bright Copper Wire. Furthermore, we can source products at any quantity for any product, so if you would like to discuss your needs – please feel free to contact us.

Global market coverage is the key to our superior pricing and quality of goods.  All of Acorn’s deals are carried out on respect and trust – we will always ensure both parties are completely satisfied with the process before committing any party and subsequently exposing them to risk.  We ensure to build rewarding and long lasting relationships with all of our clients, both suppliers and buyers.

Across all of our capabilities, we strive to define a new level of client service. Our client focus is derived from the belief that true insight cannot be achieved without the trust and transparency that come from deep relationships.

At Acorn, we strive to be the best – it’s what makes us stand out as one of the UK’s leading export brokers.

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